Fair Trade Federation

We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.

Principles of Fair Trade

We value trading relationships that distribute power, risks and rewards more equitably. We believe that trade should be used as a tool to help alleviate poverty, reduce inequality and create opportunities for people to help themselves.

Trade should promote fair compensation, safe and healthy conditions, direct and long-term relationships, transparent business practices, and workplaces free from discrimination and forced child labor. When trade encompasses these practices, the lives of all people and their communities improve.


Rain Forest Seed Earrings

Thank you for your interest in our products. We wholesale to zoos, museums, botanical gardens, nature centers, backyard bird centers and various speciality shops. If your store is interested in carrying our products, please contact us at (info@womenofthecloudforest.com) and we will email you a price sheet. If you are looking for retail purchases please see our extensive list of retailers on our Stores section.

Boutique Earrings -

Using all sterling silver components, these earrings are made by combining rainforest seeds with semi-precious stones. Each pair is displayed in its own handmade pinewood box.

Everyday Earrings -

These earrings combine rainforest seeds, stone chips and Czech Glass into a never ending variety of colors and styles. Posts are surgical stainless steel.

Rain Forest Clasp Jewelry

Clasp Bracelet

18 inch Clasp Necklace

22 inch Clasp Necklace

Rain Forest Stretchy Jewelry

Functional Rainforest

Clasp Jewelry - Using high quality plastic coated stainless steel wire and closed with medium sized barrel clasps, these three different options are the perfect accent for any outfit. In each style there is a never ending rainbow of seeds and stones.

Stretchy Jewelry - Using stretchy cord, these bracelets and kid necklaces are fun and durable. The designs are created with various rainforest seeds and Czech glass beads which result in bright kid friendly pieces.

ID Lanyards -

These colorful lanyards are a mix of rainforest seeds and Czech glass.

Eye Glass Cords -

Using glass beads and rainforest seeds, these light-weight cords are perfect to keep your eyeglasses handy.

Hand Embroidered Bags

Field Guide Bags - The perfect bag for hikers looking to carry their field guides out into the wilds. This well constructed, washable bag has over 100 different embroidered designs of animals, plants or insects from North and Central America. Click here for our current inventory.


Individual Bracelet Pack

15 inch Necklace

30 Bracelet Teacher Pack


Rain Forest Stretchy Bracelets

Make-Your-Own Kits - We offer both individually packed kits or 30-packs kits for teachers and Summer camps. Our packs contain all the necessary elements to create fun and lively Rain Forest seed bracelets. The packs include; stretchy cord, three types of rainforest seeds (with accompanying informational card), colorful Czech glass beads and knot tying information. These packs are perfect for children six and older.

Just Hoop Earrings -

These new flashy earrings combine rainforest seeds, stone chips and Czech Glass into great statement pieces. Posts are surgical stainless steel.

NEW Sweet Dream


Sweet Dream Earrings -

These new crocheted earrings come in an assortment of bright fresh colors. We sold out our last shipment and we are taking orders for our next shipment which is due to arrive in the beginning of March. Posts are surgical stainless steel.

Coming Soon

Wire Sculpture Earrings

Wire Sculpture Earrings -

We are excited to introduce these new earrings in mid-April. Every pair is unique and they are created by an incredible artist we discovered selling his earrings in the central square of Grenada on our last trip to Nicaragua. We are taking pre-orders now看 for these one-of-a-kind earrings since they will be only available in very limited numbers.

Coming Soon

Fire Lake Ceramics

Crocheted Flower Pins - Bright and colorful, these tropical beauties add the perfect accent to any outfit.

Fire Lake Ceramics -

After 10 years of working in Costa Rica we are excited to expand our work to Nicaragua. We have teamed up with a group of ceramic artists from San Juan de Oriente to create jewelry celebrating their artistry in a wearable art form. We will be offering over 30 different designs as pendants, bracelets and earrings.看 Designs will be available mid-March for pre-ordering.看看