Rainforest Seed Jewelry from Costa Rica

Hand Embroidered Bags from Costa Rica

Guanacaste, Tears of Saint Pedro, Flamboyant Tree, Western Soapberry - these are just some of the rainforest seeds the artists of the Women of the Cloud Forest use to create different types of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Founded in 2001, Women of the Cloud Forest, a Fair Trade project, supplies a never ending range of colors, styles and patterns of beautiful jewelry to many of the leading, zoos, botanical gardens, museums and boutique shops across the country.

Our rainforest seed jewelry is also available to schools and non-profit organizations through the highly successful and easy to manage - Fundraiser Consignment program.

From birds to butterflies, frogs to insects, the women produce color accurate reproductions of North and Central American species. Each design is lovingly "painted" using single strands of embroidery thread.

With over 200 designs, the machine-washable bags are perfect accessories if you are headed out for a walk on the trail or stroll around town.

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